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Three weeks after amf

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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Three weeks after amf

Postby Tina » Tue Sep 13, 2011 5:21 pm

The amf has been a great success. It's now 24 days afterwards and the bruising is almost completely gone and the scars are already fading nicely. My face shape is greatly improved, the marionette lines from nose to mouth and chin are far less pronounced, and my neck is almost completely free of lines and wrinkles. Indeed the improvement in my neck seems almost miraculous since I didn't have any surgery there - I had asked for an operation on my neck but on the day of surgery Mr Guest told me it would not be necessary as he could tighten it via the facelift itself. (I didn't have a double chin, just very saggy skin).
I went back to work last week after after two weeks away and the only comments I received were a few people who remarked that I was looking good and had a nice new dress! Even my mother just stared at me and said I was looking extremely well - she is 91 so can be forgiven for not knowing why, indeed she asked if I'd put some rouge on because if so it was a really good improvement! (I hadn't told her in advance because I thought she would worry.)
As for the operation itself, I found it fine. I'd been quite scared of not having a general anaesthetic but I didn't notice anything and have no memory of the procedure. Mr Sasada said I had talked, but as far as I am concerned I was asleep. It was sore afterwards and I took the painkillers but the pain quickly lessened and after a few days I was only taking the cocodemol before going to sleep. I even adapted OK to sleeping on my back on three pillows. Indeed I haven't yet reverted to sleeping on my side as the sides of my face are still a trifle tender if I lie on them.
Otherwise, I didn't have the problems with post-operative eating that some patients report. I was able to open my mouth and eat the egg sandwich I'd ordered! My husband made soft food for me for the first few days when I got home as it would have hurt a bit to chew on something hard. I didn't enjoy the two hour car journey home and felt rather nauseous. I was also very tired for the first few days and kept sleeping a lot. Fortunately I seem to be back to normal energy levels again now.
I also had a blepharoplasty ( see separate entry) and was able to wear my contact lenses OK after waiting two weeks. They were a bit itchy for a couple of days but it didn't last. it's easy enough to put them in, but I'm finding it harder than before to remove them at night.
I'd be very happy to answer questions if anyone has any.

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