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3 weeks post AMF

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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3 weeks post AMF

Postby Salsera » Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:25 am

Three weeks post op yesterday......

The incisions are healing well....still a bit scabby but I am pleased to report that the earlobes are improving. (As mentioned in a previous post they have been slow to heal). I was worried last week after I woke up one morning to find quite a bit of dried blood under one of my earlobes where it had bled during the night. (I must have knocked in whilst I slept). So, I have been bathing the area once daily with saline solution (just a little salt mixed in boiled water) and by yesterday it had cleaned up nicely.

The scars are looking red particularly where I had the lateral brow lift, so I have started to user Dermatix on the healed, non scabby areas - it's a silicone gel, recommended by plastic surgeons to reduce scarring. It is clinically tested and proven to soften, flatten and smooth scars, and relieve itching and discomfort. So fingers crossed it'll do that for me too.

After 3 weeks the swelling has pretty much all gone and I look like me again. My face still feels tight as if I am wearing a mask, but this feeling is less pronounced now and mainly round the ears. I have a kind of creeping/fluttering sensation under the skin especially around the temples where I had the brow lift. It's not an unpleasant sensation and I put this down to regeneration of the nerve endings.

The only area where I still feel numbness is in front of my ears and this is gradually improving. I definitely have more feeling as each week progresses. After I had a nose job, it was a year before the numbness finally wore off but it did eventually.

This week I have tried out some camouflaging foundation called Lycogel. It's expensive but helps to hide the redness of the scars by my temples. You can build up the coverage but until all the scabbing has gone I'm not finding it easy to cover up successfully. Having said that I have still been out dancing 3 times this week. DId my class on Wednesday - as I wear a head microphone this held my hair in place. Then I went to modern jive last night and just went for it. Nobody noticed the scars as it was dark in the ballroom and I could spin round with my hair flying and not worry too much.

Nobody at dance class has said anything. I went to a BBQ with some of them last Sunday and was worried as it was a bit windy. I used tit tape to stick a bit of hair down in front of each ear and If anyone noticed anything they didn't comment. I saw my daughter again yesterday, she had given me a bit of a quizzing previously (I haven't told her I have had an AMF I just passed it off as a skin tightening treatment), she's not one to be fooled though. In any case she didn't say anything yesterday.

So another week gone and feeling just great! I'll just tell you one final thing. I went clothes shopping last week and you know how awful you feel in some changing rooms especially ones where the lights are very the past I have hated seeing my face in those mirrors with sagging jowls and wrinkly cheeks. That's all gone now! What a result! Thanks Mr Guest!


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