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advanced mini facelift 14 day post op

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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advanced mini facelift 14 day post op

Postby lizzie » Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:56 pm

my story in brief -
Had booked to have this last year, but had to cancel the day before the op as my son was in an accident. (Thankfully he's fully recovered ). The clinic not only returned my payment in full but promised to hold the price till I was able to re-book - a full year later.
I did worry about it more this time round, probably due to having a extra year to look up all the things that can go wrong with cosmetic surgery....
Before I went down to theatre Mr Guest came to see me. He said he'd been looking at my photos and felt the advanced mini lift only would give a satisfactory result (we had discussed a platysmal plication and liposuction under the chin), and I'm glad I took this advice. He then drew on my face (in a rather casual manner??!). The black lines extended much further up my temples than I'd expected.
Dr Sasada explained the sedation, frightening the life out of me by saying that after the local anaesthetic is given he'll 'bring me round' so I would be aware of what was going on while the op is carried out. Gaghhhhh!!! Strangely, it was fine. I do remember, or at least think I remember, much of what went on, but they must put something good in that sedation as I felt completely happy and relaxed.
I returned to my room with a very tight head bandage and some discomfort, but no real pain. I ate a sandwich with some difficulty. My face looked quite normal so I sent a photo home to put minds at rest.
For some reason (maybe the co-codamol tablets?) I felt very ill that night, and was very glad to be in hospital. I was able to enjoy the egg sandwich a second time. A doctor came to see me and put the needle back in my hand to give me something for the sickness. It was a long night.
The bandage came off the next morning, when I felt much better. The removal of the drains was the only part of the whole experience I would describe as painful, and that was over in seconds. I was a bit swollen but could tell the results were absolutely brillant.
I left the hospital at lunchtime, went shopping in Waitrose (no-one gave me a second glance) and spent a week at a friends house, where I knew I could escape the usual housework. The swelling got slightly worse over the first 4 days and then gradually better, I now have just a small swelling under one ear that only I can see. My stitches (out yesterday) could be covered by my hair and no one has noticed the slight bruising.
I am absolutely delighted with the results. The jowls and wobbly flesh under my chin have gone, leaving me with the jawline I had 20 years ago (I'm 53 now). The vertical lines on my upper lip are improved and even my eyes look better (thanks to those 'casual' black lines of Mr Guests I suppose!) Most importantly the whole looks completely natural, not 'pulled' at all.
I think Mr Guest is a very clever man.
Lastly, if there's anyone out there who like me feels a certain amount of guilt about all this, have a look on-line at a charity called Children of Sumatra. They operate on children born with cleft palate. There's a short video on their website which is worth watching. I've sent them some money, and if just one other person does the same it will have been worth writing this. ( I'd like to say the charity thing was my idea but it wasn't, but isn't it a good idea)

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