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3rd day

Comments and discussion about the Advanced Mini Facelift.
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3rd day

Postby Salsera » Sun Jul 25, 2010 4:34 pm

Hello to all you lovely AMF ladies....I have had an excellent 'Day 3' all due to meeting up with Jo who I met via this site (Jo is planning to have an AMF later this year).

We met up at lunchtime after I checked out of Downlands House and went for a coffee round the corner. Jo is absolutely lovely and cheered me up no end. She helped me get my food supplies for today and also led the way to the B&B where I will be staying until the first lot of stitches come out on Wednesday.

It would have been hard to find without Jo, but with her help we were here in no time. Thanks so much!!

Driving was fine, I can turn my neck without any problem. When I got to Long Ashton I was happy to find that B&B (Avening) is just beautiful - lovely room, quiet and peaceful with beautiful views of the countryside and Ann was very warm and welcoming.

My swelling has subsided a bit today, I washed my hair again first thing this morning, and gently cleaned the incision areas before putting on the antibiotic cream. Any bruising I had is disappearing, possibly thanks to the arnica cream I have been using. Jo said that the incisions round my ears looked fine. I have found them difficult to examine well in the mirror (probably need a second mirror to see the sides of my face better). The skin still feels tight and numb around the incision sites.

All in all I have had a very good day! Settling down now to do some reading....


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