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Full face lift nine months on

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Full face lift nine months on

Postby janegree » Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:27 pm

Nine months ago I had a full facelift with platysmal plication and upper and lower blepharoplasty. I had developed a slack jawline with ‘banding’ under my chin and down my neck and my eyes were becoming quite hooded. I am delighted with the results though it took six months for it to all settle down and I suspect it will be another six months before I forget about it completely.

I went back to work after three weeks but I would recommend leaving it a bit longer if possible. I had a couple of tiny areas which took a bit longer to heal than the rest (under my chin and above my ear) and I was probably still a bit swollen around the jaw so another week would have helped. The recovery process went very much as I expected. In the first week I was very swollen and eating was difficult but it improved in the second week and I had the stitches out after that. I admit I was quite nervous at that point as I felt the stitches had been holding me together, so I was very careful not to do anything too strenuous. After that I continued to clean the wounds with salt water and treat the scars with oil as recommended and they started to heal pretty quickly. I did find that I lost feeling around my jawline and under my chin for quite some time. It is now nearly all back after nine months. I had been warned about it but I hadn’t quite realised how long it would take.

I am so glad I did this. I now have a jawline and the aging lines running from nose to chin have disappeared. The blepharoplasty has really opened up my eyes and removed the sagging from beneath the eyes giving a much more youthful look. The overall look is very natural and not at all drawn or pulled tight. I feel so much more confident, particularly at work where I am surrounded by people aged anything from 10- 30 years younger than me. I know appearance is not the only thing to contribute to a sense of wellbeing, but this work has been well worth it for me.


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