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Full Facelift with upper and lower blepharoplasty

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Full Facelift with upper and lower blepharoplasty

Postby janegree » Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:14 pm

I am 57 and a week ago I had full facelift surgery with platysmal plication and upper and lower blepharoplasty.

As most people on this forum have said, the hospital staff couldn’t have been more helpful and friendly and Mr Guest and Dr Sasada put me at ease before the operation. They went through the procedure and the sedation and then the nurse took me to the operating theatre. Once in there things happen very quickly and before I knew it I was out for the count and knew nothing until I came round about three hours later. The nurse put a very tight head bandage on me and returned me to my room. Then, it was bedrest for the rest of the day. Mr Guest and Dr Sasada checked up on me and I was monitored regularly, blood pressure taken and painkillers given and encouraged to eat although I found it very hard to do that for the rest of the day. The only thing that was a bit uncomfortable were the stitches around the eyes, which were irritating rather than painful and the ointment used on them can make your vision a bit blurry.

The following morning the head bandage was removed which was a relief and I was able to eat some porridge. I had more checks and another visit from Mr Guest and Dr Sasada who gave me instructions about aftercare and advised lots of rest and not to bend down or do any heavy lifting. Then I was able to wash my hair gently and go home with the ointments for eyes and stitches as well as painkillers and an elastic head bandage, which has been very helpful. During my stay I found all the tips on the forum and the pre-surgery check list really useful, particularly the suggestion to use a children’s toothbrush for the first few days. I also took in a magnifying glass as I knew I wouldn’t be able to use my glasses, which was useful for using the phone amongst other things.

Since I have been at home I have taken full advantage of the instruction to ‘rest, rest, rest’. I have been sleeping upright using a v-shaped pillow and taking it easy. I ate only soup and very soft food for the first five days but I am starting to eat some other things now though it is still difficult to chew anything like meat. I had the operation on a Saturday and my eyes became quite bruised within a couple of days (as I was warned they would) but equally quickly the bruising started to subside. I had the eye stitches out the following Wednesday and it was a huge relief to have them out so quickly – but also a huge relief to no longer have hooded eyelids and eye bags. The neck area has had a different recovery progress. I have not experienced a lot of pain but it gradually gets more swollen and is probably at its worst about six/seven days after. It has been a week now and it seems to be going down though it feels tender. I have found wearing the head bandage helps to alleviate the feeling of the swelling which I can feel under the chin. At the moment I have still to regain some of the sensation around my neck, which is to be expected after a procedure as invasive as a full facelift. I would like to emphasise that I have really not experienced any pain, only mild discomfort and have needed only paracetamol to control it. It’s still early days but it looks as though the results are going to be very good and I’m excited to see what I look like in another week’s time.


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