The benefits of Walkactive before and after your facelift

Walkactive before facelift surgery

We have become really keen on Joanne Hall’s Walkactive programme of late. This is a great way of getting into better overall shape before and after any kind of surgery, but especially an Advanced Mini Facelift. You know how much better you look when you stand up straight and pull your tummy in? It knocks years off you. We have been doing Walkactive from the beginning of the New Year and would encourage you to add it to your daily routine.

Although  a little bit tricky to take on board at first, after a few weeks Walkactive becomes second nature. The programme basically has six main stages:

  1. develop an ‘open ankle’ when walking – look at the photo above
  2. turn your hips and pelvis into a fixed point  (she is really talking about improving core stability here)
  3. stand up straight and pull your tummy muscles in
  4. elongate your neck and relax your shoulders
  5. swing your arms to help things along
  6. walk regularly and faster!

The technique is actually quite difficult to describe in words (try describing how to use a box of matches to a Martian). However, by breaking it down into stages and with some perseverance it will eventually click. You may even enter a state of ‘flow’! I now find myself incorporating Walkactive into my daily life whenever I can, even if it is just walking from the car park to the supermarket.

Of course, walking itself has a number of very significant health benefits. I recently heard a talk by an eminent academic on ‘active travel’ and it is clear that the government plans to strongly encourage (i.e. mandate) the idea of walking to work as a population level health care intervention. At an individual level, surgeons and anaesthetists are also now actively promoting the idea of getting fit before any kind of surgery (prehabilitation).

There are obvious personal benefits to be gained from losing a few pounds, improving your posture and getting out and about in the fresh air.  Remember that you will need to avoid strenuous exercise for a few weeks after an Advanced Mini Facelift, but Walkactive  can safely be resumed a few days after surgery.We think Walkactive is well worth thinking about before and after your facelift for a lot of very good reasons.


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Martin Sasada is a Consultant Anaesthetist and director of Me Cosmetic Surgery based in Bristol.

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