Should Tesco offer facelifts?


One of the issues of deep interest to us is that of managing patient expectations. This week I bought new spectacles from Tesco - a very minor health care intervention, admittedly - but one which is useful to hold up to the light. We should look at together at how my expectations were set, whether they were realised and most importantly whether there was any mismatch between what I expected and what actually transpired. It is the latter that leads to either a satisfied customer, Mr Angry or a ‘raving fan’. (more…)

Is facelift surgery safe?


I spotted this advert in the Spire Hospital recently and it led me to again consider the important question ‘is facelift surgery safe?’ The safety of cosmetic surgery is a topic much beloved by the media and professional organisations. The media in particular revel in tales of ‘botched ops’ and ‘rogue surgeons’ but of course this is cheap sensationalism. For what it is worth, here is my take on it. (more…)

Seven myths about facelift surgery exposed


There are, of course, a number of myths surrounding most things in life. The problem arises when myths are nurtured instead of debunked. As I delve deeper into subject of facelift surgery for our forthcoming book, it seems to me that this is an ideal forum for dispelling at least some of the more misleading myths that continue to be promoted by certain sectors of the industry. (more…)

What makes a good facelift surgeon?


When I asked our surgeon “What makes a good facelift surgeon?” the other day he replied “training, experience and above all the ability to select the right procedure for the right patient”. Actually, as an anaesthetist who has watched hundreds of surgeons of all shapes and sizes operate , I think that the real answer is a bit more involved than that. So for what it is worth, here is my take on it. (more…)

How safe is facelift surgery? The benefits of a ‘focused factory’ approach.


My son recently lent me Gawande’s popular book on errors in medicine. Gawande’s work has in fact been very influential within the NHS and led to the introduction of a routine pre-operative surgical and anaesthetic checklist. One chapter in particular in his book rang true - The Computer and the Hernia Factory - which deals with the beneficial effects of systematization on surgical outcome. So just how safe is facelift surgery? (more…)

The benefits of Walkactive before and after your facelift

We have become really keen on Joanne Hall’s Walkactive programme of late. This is a great way of getting into better overall shape before and after any kind of surgery, but especially an Advanced Mini Facelift. You know how much better you look when you stand up straight and pull your tummy in? It knocks years off you. We have been doing Walkactive from the beginning of the New Year and would encourage you to add it to your daily routine. (more…)

Are you thinking of a facelift? Use a mind map to help you decide.

Should I? What if…? If you are still at that stage when you are still trying to decide if you should have a facelift, then a mind map might help you make a decision. Of course, you need to do your research and maybe even have a few consultations. But in the end it is up to you. This is a complex and important emotional decision. We are not talking about choosing a nail varnish! (more…)

The benefits of keeping a facelift photo diary

Day One app for facelift photo diary

Now here is a great tip for you. In our video ‘Ten Top Tips Before Your Facelift’ our clinic manager Heather Carroll recommends keeping a facelift photo diary. We are currently producing a video in which we recommend an app called Day One, which is absolutely ideal for this. You can use Day One to keep all your ‘before and after’ photos conveniently together in one place (watch our video ‘How To Take Photos Before & After Your Facelift’ ). At the same, (more…)