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A high quality aftercare programme is essential to a successful outcome after facelift surgery. Although most people recover well from an Advanced Mini Facelift without problems, we do like to make sure that everything stays 'on track'. As long as you stick to a few simple guidelines you will normally be fine. We have tried to streamline things as far as possible so that you don't need to return to Bristol more frequently than is absolutely necessary.

Our aftercare pathway starts with a pack that you will be given to take home with you from the hospital. As well as a list of instructions, pain killers and antiseptic ointment this pack will contain a light support bandage for you to wear for the first few days. A copy of the post-operative instructions may be downloaded from this link.

Before you leave the hospital after your Advanced Mini Facelift, you should also ensure that you have made any appointments with the ward receptionist for suture removal and a six week follow up.


How should I look after my wounds?

It is important to keep your wounds as clean as possible. You should be scrupulous about hygiene when cleansing the wounds and use any antiseptic ointment we give you for a few days until the tube runs out. Try to avoid touching the wounds unnecessarily in the early stages.


Can I have my stitches removed by my GP as this would be more convenient for me?

Yes. You may have your sutures removed locally. Many people now choose to return to Bristol ten days post-operatively to have all their stitches removed in one go. This is a good choice as it gives the surgeon an opportunity to see you to check all is well.


Will I need antibiotics after my operation?

We do not routinely use antibiotics. You should only take antibiotics if you have developed a wound infection.


Will I see the surgeon for a routine follow up appointment?

Yes - normally six weeks after your face lift. This is a good opportunity to have some post-operative photographs taken to document the results. The post-operative consultation is included in the price, as indeed are any additional visits should any problems arise after your facelift. There is no need for any further follow up after this in most cases.


What happens if I have a problem after my operation?

If this occurs on the day of discharge from hospital, you should contact the hospital directly. Thereafter, you should contact me in the event of any questions or problems, especially if the wound bleeds or becomes hot and tender, or if you feel unwell. Many minor problems can be sorted out without you having to return to Bristol e.g. a wound infection requiring a short course of antibiotics which your GP can prescribe. If there is a significant problem our surgeon will see you in the outpatients department.


What happens if my scars need revision?

It is extremely unusual to develop problems with healing of the scars in the temple or in front of the ear. We do occasionally see scars behind the ear or neck lift scars that require revision. Scar revision is carried out under local anaesthesia as a day case if necessary (and is included in the original price you pay).


What happens if I am not happy with the result?

If our Consultant Surgeon agrees with you that there has been no significant improvement in your appearance after a face lift, we will either offer to re-do the procedure at no cost to you or to refund you the surgeons fee. This happens in less than 1% of patients who have had an Advanced Mini Facelift.


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