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Why do I need to stay in hospital overnight after an advanced mini facelift?

Many years ago when we began developing the concept, we routinely performed the advanced mini facelift as a day case procedure with patients staying in a hotel overnight locally. Unfortunately, this approach led to some highly significant post-operative problems. The main danger immediately after any kind of facelift is that of bleeding and the risk of this is undoubtedly minimised by bed rest. Transferring out of a hospital environment, getting dressed, walking about and so forth resulted in a significantly increased risk of bleeding requiring further surgical intervention. In addition, patients who suffered this complication naturally found this an extremely frightening experience - imagine being in a hotel room, bleeding abnormally after a facelift and not knowing whether it was abnormal or what you should do. And then what? Back to a hospital environment for an exploratory operation. What's the point of leaving hospital in the first place?

Nowadays, all our patients stay overnight after a facelift and this is an important part of the advanced mini facelift concept. Not only does it mean that you can return to the comfort of your own room immediately after treatment, but you can relax in a secure environment where expert assistance and care is immediately to hand. Not only that, nowadays we routinely administer intravenous tranexamic acid (to minimize bruising) to all patients post-operatively and this is just not possible outside of a hospital environment. Drains and dressings are also very difficult to manage outside of a clinical environment. Not only that - at £88 for an overnight stay the Spire Hospital represents extraordinarily good value for money compared with a standard hotel bedroom.

You should always bear in mind that having a facelift is not like having your hair done or having a spa treatment. A facelift is a significant surgical undertaking and needs to be treated as such. We will never return to the 'bad old days' of day case facelift surgery. Be sensible. Be safe.

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