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Advanced Mini Facelift

What is an Advanced Mini Facelift?

The Advanced Mini Facelift evolved from a relatively new American facelift technique called the Quicklift. Our Consultant Surgeon was the first person in the UK to train in this technique. Over the years and after treating hundreds of patients we have refined it to a concept we call the Advanced Mini Facelift. It is a significant step up from a standard mini face lift, which addresses laxity of both the underlying tissues and the overlying skin.


What will it do for me?

The Advanced Mini Facelift is particularly helpful for patients with sagging jowls, sagging cheeks, pronounced nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds), marionette lines and to a certain degree sagging of the tissues in the front of the neck. It reproduces the effect you achieve if you place your fingers on your cheek one inch in front of your ears and pull upwards and backwards. Most of us have done this at some time or other!

Notice that the lift occurs in two directions. If you pull the skin vertically upwards, the appearance of the jowls improve. If you pull the skin horizontally backwards, the appearance of the nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds) improve. The skill of the surgeon lies in deciding the optimum direction of lift.

The overall result after an Advanced Mini Facelift is a significant improvement in the appearance of the lower face and neck. The final result is a subtle and natural 'fresh' or 'rested' appearance without the wind tunnel look.

The optional addition of a skin rejuvenation technique (Dermaroller) to the surgical technique can lead to a significant improvement in fine wrinkles, large pores and 'smoker's lines' around the mouth, together with improved skin tone. This complements the Advanced Mini Facelift very well for many patients.


What are the advantages over the other types of facelift?

It is our view that for most people the Advanced Mini Facelift produces excellent results (rivalling those of a full facelift) with minimum risk and cost.

Specifically the advantages of an Advanced Mini Facelift are:

  • Immediate and gratifying improvement in the appearance of prominent jowls and nasolabial folds
  • Improvement in the neckline and loose tissues in front of the neck
  • Significantly fewer risks and complications than with a full surgical facelift
  • Rapid recovery and return to normal daily activities – typically within two weeks
  • Minimal scarring, swelling and bruising
  • Treatment is carried out under sedation and local anaesthesia; a general anaesthetic is not required
  • Excellent value for money


How does it differ from a standard mini facelift?

Standard mini facelift techniques are in essence skin redraping procedures. No attempt is made to address laxity of the underlying tissues (the SMAS layer). The Advanced Mini Facelift incorporates a stitch that lifts and holds the underlying SMAS layer. The skin of the face is then redraped over the tightened underlying tissues. We no longer perform the standard mini facelift procedure; it has been now been completely superseded by the Advanced Mini Facelift.


How does it differ from a full facelift?

With a full facelift the surgery is more extensive – the dissection extends far into the tissues of the neck. Whilst this will allow more dramatic improvement in the appearance of the neck, the risks are higher and the recovery period may be somewhat prolonged in comparison with an Advanced Mini Facelift. You can read more about the full facelift procedure here.


Do you ever perform full facelifts?

Yes, in fact, quite often. There are many different types of face lift and different people benefit from different approaches. Your surgery will be tailored for your individual needs and wishes. In essence, our overall approach to a full facelift is very similar to the way we manage the Advanced Mini Facelift.


What does the surgical technique consist of?

We have devoted a separate section to this important topic.


What age group is the Advanced Mini Facelift suitable for?

Our patients are typically aged between forty and seventy. We are occasionally asked to operate on patients who are older or younger than this. One of the advantages of treatment under sedation is that complex medical conditions are not necessarily a bar to treatment, as may sometimes be the case with general anaesthesia.


How long will it last?

The results of an Advanced Mini Facelift will typically last between five and ten years; this is significantly longer than a standard mini facelift. The procedure can be repeated if desired. It goes without saying that although an Advanced Mini Facelift will normally make you appear significantly younger, it does not arrest the ageing process! We might be good, but we are not that good!


What are the potential risks and complications?

When choosing any form of medical or surgical intervention, you of course need to be fully appraised of the potential risks. We have dedicated a separate section to this, which we encourage you to read carefully.


How much does the Advanced Mini Facelift cost?

The cost of an Advanced Mini Facelift (including sedation, hospital costs and an overnight stay) is £3983. If you are considering combining a facelift with another procedure, please see our costs and payments section.


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